Logo of SilkyDurag online store in the middle of two Afro-American men wearing durags, with a gradient waves background.

The headwear destination

Headwear, redefined. Handcrafted pieces where only quality matters. From vibrant bandanas to sleek durags, our selection spans a rainbow of colors and trends.

Black bandana with red paisley motifs
Red bandana with white paisley patterns
Turquoise bandana with black and white paisley patterns

Bandanas and Kerchiefs.

Explore our handcrafted, 100% cotton bandana collection, featuring over 500 unique styles from classic paisleys to bold, artistic patterns. Find your perfect match!
The bandana collection
Black bandana with red paisley motifs
Red bandana with white paisley patterns
Turquoise bandana with black and white paisley patterns
Cowboy bandana collection

Wild West spirit

Cowboy Bandanas

The western collection
Pirate and skull bandanas collection

Underworld vibes

Pirate & Skull Bandanas

The skull collection
White SilkyDurag logo
Rapper Travis Scott with green camouflage silk Durag.

The latest trends.

SilkyDurag is an American headwear brand specializing in bandanas and durags, with a community of several thousand people! Explore our website for a wide selection of premium headwear.

Boasting thousands of designs, from silk durags to cotton bandanas, we cater to every style and taste. Whether you prefer simplicity or extravagance, there's a perfect choice that aligns with your vision.

White SilkyDurag logo

Made For the Culture, By the Culture, With Love.

Hey fam, welcome to SilkyDurag. We're not just a brand but a vibe, a movement. Born from the pulse of African-American culture, we know that durags and bandanas are more than pieces of cloth. It's a crown saluting our roots, journey, and future.

We kicked things off in a cramped but lit apartment filled with the sounds of hip-hop and the aroma of Grandma's cooking. You see, we were fed up with what was out there—durags and bandanas that were either basic or didn't do the job. We thought, "Nah, we can do better."

This journey hasn't been all smooth sailing. But every challenge, late-night sewing session, thread, and stitch only fueled our determination. These authentic experiences built the brand, piece by piece, connecting us even more deeply with our community.

So, we grinded. Day and night. Through setbacks and come-ups. What came out was the SilkyDurag you now know—crafted with premium fabrics, popping in styles that turn heads, and made with the kind of love and excellence our community deserves.

We've grown, no doubt, from that homey apartment to serving thousands of you all across the globe. But one thing's for sure—we're still all about you. So, come on in, make yourself at home, and let's keep redefining this headwear passion together.


TrustPilot 4.8 Stars
4.8 out of 5 | Based on 486 reviews
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TrustPilot Five Stars

Very comfy

These durags are legit the comfiest things ever. The elastic is just right, and the fabric feels like heaven.

✔ Verified purchase

TrustPilot Five Stars


I scored major points with my friend when I gifted them a durag from this website. It also came in a cool package

✔ Verified purchase

TrustPilot Five Stars

Perfect for waves

My waves have never looked better since I started rocking these durags.

✔ Verified purchase

TrustPilot Five Stars

It's like magic!

I've tried a bunch of durags, but these ones take the cake. They're smooth, lightweight, and leave zero hair marks.

✔ Verified purchase

TrustPilot Five Stars

this is sick!

They're seriously comfy and stylish AF

✔ Verified purchase

TrustPilot Five Stars

Fast shipping

I placed my order, blinked, and BAM, my bandana arrived.

✔ Verified purchase

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